Thursday, August 21, 2008

L.U.C to Hold meeting on Beer & Wine License Transfer 8-28-08

The East Boston Land Use Council will be holding an Open Public meeting on Thursday August 28th,2008 at 7.P.M.Sharp,on the following:
A proposal by Rosticeria Can Cun located at 145 Meridian Street East Boston to:Purchase ,and Transfer an existing Beer,and Wine License(Malt & Wine)to said location.
Mr. Alex Betancourt as the manager.
748-A Huntington Avenue,LLC Boston,Ma.

The meeting will be at the East Boston Social Center,68 Central Square East Boston,Ma.We are handicapped accessable,and understanding the word RESPECT is paramont !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Follow up Legal Disclaimer

Hello Again;
To make this short as possible,Please view this as an extension of the last Legal Disclaimer.
Once again the East Boston Times has decided to NOT let the Land Use Council advertise to give to you the community of East Boston free money from the GRANT PROGRAM we have.
I sent in a request to advertise giving away thousands of dollars in TUITION GRANTS to East Boston kids.I offered as I ALWAYS do to PAY for the ad,and as usual my money was refused,and so was the ad.
In my opinion they are trying to destroy myself,and the Land Use Council,but in reality they are destroying the Grant Program,and robbing you,and your children of a chance to get financial help to pay for your kids education.
They are the only paper in town,and own every paper around Eastie also.
Whats being done is a disgrace to Eastie.
They know this money helps tons of people,but do not care.

They also know I am fighting Lung Cancer,and do not need this stress.
Its simply a shame that anyone could have so much HATE ,that they would use the power they have,to disgrace this awesome program,and deprive you of what's yours. NOT THE LAND USE COUNCILS,AS WE ARE FORBIDDEN TO GET A SINGLE PENNY FROM IT.IT ALL MUST GO OUT TO EASTIE RESIDENTS.

I see no end in sight,as we are no match for such HATRED, POWER,and MONEY they have to fight us.
I simply do not understand.The owners are Josh Resnick,Steve Quigley,and Joe Demolowitz 781-284-2400,also known as the Revere Journal,and the Independant Newspaper group.
I truly apologize,but have NO CONTROL over this HATRED.
God Bless
Mr. Mason

Saturday, May 3, 2008


The East Boston Land Use Council is seeking to alert You the Public,that we are
not responsible ,for not being able to get the word out about Important Community Meetings,and the following Financial Programs: A-The Leonard Florence Memorial Grant Program, B-Important meetings such as the sale of Cafe Italia,and El Buen Gusto'o Liquor licenses.,and C-Our brand new Scholarship Program .

The Council would like to state as FACT ,that they have "Always"done everything possible to inform the public ,by sending in these ads to The East Boston Times,and offering to PAY for the ads,to be sure they are published in the Times.

Every single time the Council has offered to Pay,Mr. Resnick ,an Owner of the Times,he does not accept any form of payment.Then assures the Council they will get in.But as was the case with the Cafe Italia,and El Buen Gusto meeting ads they do not get published for "You the Public".

Also the Council wants to state as Fact that we specifically asked that this years Leonard Florence Grant ad be placed on Pages 3,4,5,6,for 2 weeks,and again offered to PAY.,and again Payment was refused. The ad was BURIED on the very last page,and was NOT advertised the second week.
Last years Leonard Florence ad was also not done as asked.It was 2 weeks late,and buried in the Classified.This had a devastating NON EFFECT on"you the Public,and your right to know,and apply"to this awesome Grant Program"

The Council would also like to state as Fact that this has been going on for a very long time,and dates back to 2003-2004 when the Council was trying toi get the word out about the Demise of Savio,and the missing money.Again we tried to place all sorts of Factual ads,However in this case not only was our offer to Pay for the ads rejected,NOTHING was ever published,so we could warn the parents of what was about to happen.

Therefore we take NO LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY for not getting the word out to "You the People " who have a God Given right to know about Important Community Meetings,as well as the God given right to Apply for Financial Help. for more information.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Is The East Boston Ward Committee,and Who Are Its Board Members

O.K. Folk's ,you asked for it ,and now lets see if you will respond.
I will publicly admit right now that I have No Clue about what it does,or who is involved.That is with the exception of it's new leader Mr.Edward Deveau.The reason I know this is because of the endless Attacks being hurled against him on a blog called .There is not one "Post Subject" that does not have constant attacks on Mr.Deveau,from the Maple Syrup post,to the gated community post,and all in between. As with the attacks on me,ALL are posted as Anonymous,and NOT signed.
If you decide to post here ,you Can Not post Anonymous.Whats so funny about that,is that now this blog is being attacked because they can't post as an anonymous poster.If that's not flattery,nothing is.
So if you have any specific information,such as a Verifiable list of the members,its Mission Statement,and where,and when they meet? I would Love to be able to post it.
But remember !Nothing Negative,Defamatory,or Slanderous.It will not be posted.
One last thing. Mr.Edward Deveau is a class act person,as is all of the Staff at Senator Anthony Petrucelli's office.So keep this in mind,and stick to the Topic.!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Does An Owner Occupied Property Count In East Boston

This question is being asked because more,and more the answer appears to be a big fat NO !
What appears to be happening is its no longer about you the East Boston resident,and your rights,but about a group of Outsiders who are rich ,and powerful people.People who have a grip on the process,and those who run it.The will of actual East Boston residents has become secondary to Greed,and Ignorance.
Shouldn't a property owner who lives in his/her building ,who keeps it in immaculate condition,gives back to the Community,and who runs two very valuable service type businesses in the same building"Be Treated With Respect",and not be driven out of business,and out of East Boston?
To me those are great question's that seem to be rubbing people the wrong way. For what reason I do not know.

I would like to know how you the people of East Boston,feel about this.

People ask me every day,Joe why are so many old time East Boston People "selling out"?To me this is a very easy question to respond to."They know that ,WE THE PEOPLE" who live here have no rights,and simply say, they have had it.
Before you critique this post as being negative!Please re-read my original introduction.We are going to talk about the good,and the bad,but in a respectful manner.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What I Love about East Boston

Hello Everyone,and Welcome to East Boston's newest blog.

"I still have a long way to go to finish the set up,but you can post"!!!

My first topic as you can see is asking people What they Love about East Boston,as well as what you think can help East Boston.So at times you may see a post about some of the Bad In Eastie,asking what can be done to fix it.
As time goes by ,I would like to hear from all of you ,what topics you think we should have up on this blog.
As you can see there is NO ANONYMOUS link to post without an account ,or without an email address.
You are NEVER going to be allowed to post Slanderous,Defamatory ,or Negative comments.
Also if your comment is not about the actual topic it will NOT be posted.
We wan't to have an open dialogue about the Good,and the Bad about East Boston.
So Please do not waste your time or mine trying to use this blog for your own personal vendettas,or hate filled tirades.
WARNING;For those who do not know when you open an account ,and post I get your sending email address,I.P.Address ,and your Google account name.So PLEASE no B.S..

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello Everyone Welcome.